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VideoWorld Studio Mexico   

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VideoWorld Studios Mexico Video Film DVD & Television

Welcome to my website, it gives me great pleasure to deal
with intelligent people like you.

Production Management Services

Film, Video, Television & Digital Cinema Productions in:
Mexico, USA,  & the World

Video Film Television Studio

My clients & customers call me an expert of strategic marketing and advertising and their brainstormer coach for excellence and continuous improvement.

Bienvenidos, Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen 

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Rates and Prices Video Film Production in Mexico & the World

I help individuals, teams and organizations to explore creative ideas that can communicate effectively and achieve higher productivity, sales & higher profits

My company VideoWorld is a division of Signal Group

Your total solution for ENG News crews in Mexico, photography, cinematography, infomercials, industrial & corporate video, TV spots & commercials, music videos, documentary, television programs and feature film production.

For the past 35 years me and my crews have been providing direction, photography, fixing and production management services for foreign crews of international networks like Discover, TNT, Equator HD eqhd, People Magazine, Voom Networks, The Weather Channnel, Rainbow Media, Korean Broascast Corp, etc.

We take care of the most important preproduction issues as well as all the small details involved in location and production to fulfill my customer's expectations.

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Feel sure that I will do my best to facilitate for your crew a nice but highly professional environment, I am a trained marketing specialist & engineer with a Masters Degree in production from Brunel University, London, England.

I speak fluently: English, French and Spanish, and all this training and experience will be used to your advantage because I will make disappear any cultural or language barriers. I also enjoy working with foreign people and have been highly recommended by my customers. I know the ins and outs of film & television production, news, documentaries, video clips, advertising, photography, web media, electronic press kits EKP and editorial assignments.

Earthtripping Mexico with Ethan Zhon (Survivor)  
Production Manager, Scout, and México Producer
Ing. Jose María Noriega

“Survivor: Africa” winner Ethan Zohn explores Mexico City’s eco-friendly side. He finds fun and practical ways to travel and experience the city in a sustainable way.

Earthtripping Mexico with Ethan Zhon (Survivor)
Production Manager, Scout, and México Producer
Ing. Jose María Noriega

Production Manager, Scout, and México Producer
Ing. Jose María Noriega

El ​​ganador de "Survivor: África"  Ethan Zohn explora el lado ecológico de la Ciudad de México. Él encuentra formas divertidas y prácticas para viajar y conocer la ciudad de una manera sostenible.

Earthtripping Mexico with Ethan Zhon (Survivor)
Production Manager, Scout, and México Producer
Ing. Jose María Noriega

Signal Group VideoWorld Studios

Tel +52 (55) 6725 1698
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Mexico Producer Jose Maria Noriega
Digital Cinema Professional Digital Rig with Follow Focus  

B-Roll Only Camera MIC only no External Audio
for Stock Production in Mexico City
Panasonic AG-AF100 Digital Cinema with 35mm Optics
$450 US Per Day

Full Audio and Video Production per day
for full Production in Mexico City
Boom, Lavalier, Panasonic AG-AF100 or Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera
HD or 2.5K
$730 US per day

To contact us Para contactarnos 
The Ministry of Tourism

Welcomes you to our beautiful Mexico City


Our country Mexico, the magical country. Para contactarnos 

Mexico, is the southern neighbor of the US, and  is "in" for your international production needs, the best tropical beaches of the world, deserts, mountains, forests, waterfalls, Colonial and Hispanic Towns as well as Prehispanic Pyramids and tombs, fill the land from the Rio Bravo to The Usumacinta and Suchiate Rivers.

Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey to name a few big cities offer all the resources for any production you may need.



Since the beginning of the Film, Radio and Television Industries, Mexico has built his own production resources that will meet international standards to produce gigantic feature films such as Titanic, or the best Soap Operas in the World.

TV commercials and documentaries are made with international standards. In these site you can find hundreds of professionals who can offer the most advanced equipment and talent .

You can ask us for bilingual or trilingual crews that will cost you half the average of American, European or Asian standards


To provide our customers and members with a quality service, to promote excellence through courses and seminars in the art of filmmaking and videography and to create a virtual organization where customers and members can network services, skills and technology.

The Video Film DVD & Television World Society is a SIGNAL GROUP organization dedicated to raising the standards of production and professionalism for the video, film and television in Mexico and Latin America.

  • Our extensive and free membership includes professionals from all areas of the moving image industry - including film studios, corporate production companies, social and wedding videographers, broadcast professionals and those involved in new media technology.

  • This kind of network, more than 5000 members strong, allow us to provide efficient production services and crews in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America

  • Our equipment list currently includes Sony & Panasonic 24P High definition, HDV, Sony Digibeta, CineAlta, Varicam and Betacam SP camcorders; Arri 35 mm film cameras and a handful of 16 mm film cameras, we also carry for EFP and ENG shootings, ARRI 650 and Lowell tungsten lighting with reflectors; Direct Audio recorders, mixers & wired and wireless microphones

  • High Definition, Component Betacam, DV/DVCAM editing on AVID Media Composer & Final Cut Pro

  • Tape to 35mm THX sound film services from DV and high definition masters.

  • We have produced hundreds of television programs in USA, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Brazil, all crews coordinated with an Executive Producer based on Mexico, Miami, or New Jersey.

Video Film DVD & TV World provides a total solution for cinematography in infomercials, industrial, commercials, music videos, documentary, television and feature film production.


Sushi-Itto Franchise Japanese cooking from Mexico

Producción VideoWorld Mexico

Executive Producer Sushi Itto: Fredric Moussalli
Production Coordinator Sushi Itto: Verónica Reyes
Production an Direction
Ing. José María Noriega VideoWorld MÉXICO
Camera: Guillermo Bénitez, José María Noriega
Post & Editing: Ignacio Granados
Locución:Christopher Smith
Casting: Ana María Noriega Produccion Coordinada


Beautiful Adamari interviewed by Mr Jose Noriega Lovely Barabara Mori on Photo Shoot Houston´s Hip Hop Group The fakkulty at Acapulco Great Mexican Singer Pepe Aguilar interviewed by Mr Jose Noriega
EPK interview Adamari EPK phto for Barbara Mori Videoclip The Fakkulty EPK interview Pepe Aguilar

With offices in the US, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Argentina our multi-national staff offers a unique combination of creative flair and technical expertise.

Whatever your project, we can adapt our services to manage it in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

  • Consulting and executive production management in Mexico

  • International co-productions & production management assistance

  • We offer efficient production management services

  • Fixing / stringing

  • News research & production

  • Casting

  • Catering

  • Insurance services

  • Gear rental

  • Video Film HDTV HDV Production crews

  • Release forms & permits

  • Location scouting

  • Still photography

  • Film stock & processing

  • Contents sales

  • Accommodation, travel services & entertainment in town

  • Cinematography, videography, still photography, lighting design and direction

  • Camera operations and assisting

  • Sound recording,direct audio for film & video

  • Live multicamera and technical direction

  • AVID nonlinear editing and effects

  • Satisfaction guaranteed service provision.

  • E-mail us with your requirements and see how economical your production will be with us

International Services

  • Our video, film, broadcast production and post-production services include:
    Concept consultation, pre-production research, budgeting and script development for all levels of production.

  • High-end television, corporate, feature film and documentary production

  • In-house and international Directors & DP´s

  • HDTV, CineAlta, Varicam, HDV, DVCAM, 35mm, 16mm and super 8 film

  • Digital Betacam

  • PMW-EX3, CineAlta, HDV HVR-Z7 & HVR-HD100, Vixia 24P High Definition AVCHD & HDV Panasonic, Canon & Sony cameras

  • BetacamSP

  • Aaton minima Super 16

  • Bolex SYNC 16 mm

  • Canon and Cinekodak 16mm

  • Arri 35mm

  • Nizo Super 8 mm

  • Single and multi-camera continuity shooting

  • Nikon & Canon digital photography

  • Direction, DP, and Executive Production

  • AVID & Final Cut Pro Non-linear video editing

  • Locations, Stages & Studio rental in Mexico

  • Media corporate training for on camera presentations

  • Currency converter

Main Production Management Services

We have a great deal of experience with film, television, corporate video and presentation production, we can communicate in english, french and spanish so language is not a barrier:

  • Complete video, film, DVD and television production.

  • We can take on turnkey projects and be responsible for the complete process, from initial advice to finished video, film, DVD or other presentation media.

  • We know how to work hand in hand with other creatives or business managers to produce the desired results.

  • We are renowned for our honesty in telling you right up front what is possible and what it will cost, we have public price rates on all our services.

Other production services: Location scouting, budgeting, lighting and grip

Although we own a comprehensive video, digital, and film shooting and post production kits, we are usually hired as production managers or line producers in Mexico in charge of all the budgeting, coordinating and hiring requirements needed.

  • We also act as Executive Co-producers if it is required.

  • We normally supply for foreign producers an all-inclusive service that includes permits, location scouting, cameras, lighting, sound and grip.

  • If required we can provide our own staff or any additional staff and talent

  • We are very happy to coordinate or operate any supplied camera to suit your requirements.

  • We can supply extra crews as necessary for the job and we are pleased to work alongside with designated client personnel.


We own two AVID Media Composer 1000 NLE kits, with capability of editing video to and from DV Digital and Betacam formats.

  • We can also deal natively with HDV, DV/DVCAM formats.

  • We offer a comprehensive selection of in house DVD production and can provide the best graphic and effects personnel and facilities.

  • We also have experienced directors & editors with the ability to provide closed circuit television projects in any desired facility.

Conventions and Corporate Presentations

Our experience includes presentations for audiences from 100 to 3000 people strong in the main cities of Mexico, Cancun, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and other places as required

Artist Extraordinaire Lucero interviewed by Mr Jose Noriega Lovely Lucero
Interview Lucero Photo Lucero Interview Tatiana MTV Promo Pam & Blue

Full Production and Co-Production Services

Video Film and Television World is a video, film and television production company recognized in Mexico as a professional enterprise.

  • We have provided services for the development of TV Programs, films, documentaries, commercials, infomercials, video clips and corporate and training videos.

Video Production Postproduction and AVID Editing:

You can produce with us in Mexico or Latin America any kind of film production, regardless of the budget.

For our visitors we can offer you special prices in:

  • Film, Digital, DVCAM and Betacam Crews for Television and Video Production

  • Post-production and editing

  • Location and budgeting, transportation, light and grip rentals and official permits

Other Multimedia & Internet Programs and Services

  • Tape to 35 film transfer

  • DVD & CD-ROM Mastering

  • Translation

  • Graphic Design

  • Video transfer for Web Publication

  • Using Video Multimedia & the Web for Distance Education Programs, to Deliver Just-in-Time Training, and to Support and Facilitate Organizational Learning.

Correspondent News, Technical Writing / Program Design:

  • Independent and/or collaborative writing and editing for project proposals, news, reports, assessment instruments, instructional and procedural manuals and workbooks

  • Program Design, layout and production

  • Design and production of event materials, charts, slides, overheads, handouts and promotions

  • Organizational style guides

  • Feel free to contact us 

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